White Elephant Gift Exchange (optional)


Each year for the past few years, ELH has held a white elephant gift exchange as part of our holiday program. Participation in the gift exchange is completely voluntary. You will have a great time at our holiday event whether or not you opt to play. 


If you do wish to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped, clean item in good condition that you don’t need, want or use anymore, worth approximately $10.  That is all you need to do to prepare.


When attendees arrive at the event, the gifts will be collected and placed on a table, where all can see them. Toward the end of the evening, each participant will draw a number. The amount of numbers will correspond to the number of players and will determine play order. The player with number 1 will go first, and so on until the highest number.

The first player chooses a gift and opens it. On each subsequent turn the player whose number is up will have the choice of choosing a wrapped gift, or “stealing” the gift another player has chosen and unwrapped.  If you have a gift stolen from you, you may choose to steal from someone else or open another wrapped gift. The first player will have the opportunity to steal at the end.

All participants will take home a gift. Whether that is the gift they want remains to be seen. Let’s play!